A time of hope

There once was 3 wise men who were seeking a light and a promise of hope and healing. They brought gifts and shared what wealth they had to honour and revel in the light of the child who had come to Earth.

Wise people still seek this light and in fact the light is still here. There are many reason through the year to honour this light all around you as well as in your own heart but to remind you of this we share this message on Christmas day to carry with you into the new year.

Honour the light in yourself,

Believe you are worthy of love,

Be kind to the Earth,

Fearlessly use your gifts to inspire and uplift others,

Be open to receive the wisdom of your heart,

Go beyond fear and flow into a state of peace,

Find freedom within your heart.

There is no better time than now to create a movement of change which comes from a place of love. The wisdom behind this is already closer than you realise and you only need reach out towards this truth and it will be available to you.

Much love and blessings xx








Entering a new phase

As the year begins to draw to a close we are reminded of the time we have spent with loved ones and the memories we have shared. Perhaps we have lost someone or moved away from certain people, relocated to different parts of the world or found reason to make certain changes in our own lives.

These shifts are happening to allow us to expand and grow into a new level of awareness. some are subtle and some more profound, but one thing is for sure and that is that we are all constantly experiencing them.

The light is constantly seeking to help you emerge into these higher states whilst shedding the baggage we carry through many lifetimes. The healing is not always evident at first, or ever, however it is always done with the intention to improve your current situation.

The ending of a year is a time to reflect on these events. Remaining unconscious to the healing within them only allows the energy to be carried over into the new year where it begins to manifest again.

The doorway is now open more than ever to embrace the opportunity to release and resolve any conflicts you are experiencing. They will without doubt be visible to you now and you are being encouraged to embrace them within your awareness and therefore begin to move through them into a lighter place.

This does not mean you are able to skip the responsibility or overlook what has happened, rather you are embracing the entire experience as a whole and beginning to look at it in a new and informed way which will enable you to begin to resolve it.

I do encourage you to review the major events of the past year and bring them into the light of your awareness so that healing may begin, begin careful not to exclude those that seem too difficult as it is often the fear which prevents connecting to these experiences rather than the experience itself.

The Emerald Heart Light is available for the following 3 days without exchange https://emeraldheartlight.com/ as well as the Divine Plan Light  https://www.facebook.com/events/136609313691380/ and I couldn’t think of a better time to take advantage of this.

There is still time available for consultations before the end of the year for those who wish to begin the new year from a fresh perspective. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or feedback from my posts at chloe.andelkovic@hotmail.com.

Much love and blessings at this time, Chloe x



Becoming Mother

Women, the time is now to reclaim your place in the world as the gifted healers, teachers and mothers you are. Do no be afraid of what you can become. There is a light emerging in all of us, it is time to honour that.

The divine feminine emerges in all of us at different stages of life, one of the most significant being motherhood.

When women transition into motherhood there is a huge energetic shift that takes place within her. The profound unfoldment of this new stage of life. This process prepares women for the role of mother within themselves, their family and their community. Women play a key and vital role in supporting the dynamic of relationships and bringing through the wisdom of the divine feminine.

The wisdom of this path lies not in the avoidance of our fears but in the embracing of the changes that are rising within us.

There is significant reason to be concerned about the unfolding of this process in the modern world as this knowledge and path has all but been forgotten, it is not however gone. The reality is that mothers in the modern world are no longer able to access this knowledge and are left more or less stumbling along trying to find there way.

Speaking from my own experience I can vouch for this first hand as my transition into motherhood held many challenges and took me into some deep fears which were emerging at that time. Now 5 years on and 2 children later I can see more clearly what is happening from an evolutionary and energetic perspective to women who are becoming mothers.

From the very first thought of wanting to try to conceive, right through the pregnancy, the birth itself and then the integration period which follows, all require a certain awareness and sensitivity to understand what is happening within the woman. It is deep and profound.

If you are having difficulties navigating this process of becoming a mother I can help you. I have been gifted with some very difficult experiences so I can help to navigate the journey for those ready to take this step.

The following are some areas which commonly afflict women becoming mothers:

  • Birth trauma
  • Past life wounding
  • Life fears
  • Grounding issues
  • Unstable energy systems
  • Grief
  • Forgiveness and
  • Lack of connection, to name but a few.

These are very general but highly important aspects of the process as a whole.

I don’t see many days on the Earth pass without hearing from a  mother afflicted by the pain and trauma of her own experience of motherhood. The challenges we face as women stepping into this role at this time are many and the time is now to reclaim this  birth right.

If you know someone who is struggling within their new role of mother or if you yourself feel draw to this work please contact me for any further information you may require around the process. I can be contacted directly at chloe.andelkovic@hotmail.com.

This healing process involves not only the women on this planet but all life, as well as the planet herself.

I look forward to connecting with women from all around the world as we come together to empower and support each other in the emergence of this new stage in our collective history.

Together we can create a wave of change that can help women find the support they need as they step into the next chapter of their lives.

With much love and blessings xx


When the Earth shifts it is always followed by a period of rest. A state of replenishment begins where wounds may heal and balance can be restored.

Between the periods of change we must find time to rest and integrate the work we have done. Allowing space for something new to emerge. The time this takes will vary greatly. Moving into a period of rest can be uncomfortable for the mind who prefers to constantly wander. Giving yourself the time required to adapt to the change is just as important as the process of change itself.

When space has been created within you, then light begins to emerge and fill this new void. This is a gentle process which requires understanding and patience. Each moment follows this rhythm as you breath in and out. Expanding and contracting, letting go and taking in. A constant shift between the balance of the two.

In this life we are reminded of this in the natural world. Our own bodies instinctively take part in this process of creation.

If you are being encourage to slow down and allow a period of recovery to begin remember this is when the ground work is being laid for you to take the next step. To stabilise and support you as you move forward.

Remember, life works on a system of balance. In order to maintain this you must listen to both the call to action and the holding embrace of restoration.

Blessings x

Finding Peace


It always seemed to me like inner peace was this far off concept that was made available to someone like monks or some highly evolved enlightened beings. I’m coming to realise that this is not so, nor is it that far from you at any given moment. The last few weeks for me have brought up many relationship issues. I can see how this is a big challenge for everyone in fact. I am realising it is ultimately the relationship with yourself that is constantly being addressed, but for more on this and finding peace I’ll hand this over to Guidance who wish to convey light on this subject.


For those who are reading this message the light we are offering will allow you to explore the notion of inner peace. There is only a limited time frame in this life to experience the lessons which are tied to a peaceful existence. There is no doubt that many lifetimes can be spent wandering the fields of dismay searching for the feeling of being at peace. Without guidance it is almost impossible to find a way out on your own. The path to peace is as simple or difficult as you wish to make it, and be assured that no shortage of lessons will emerge to challenge you.

Finding peace in your life means finding it in yourself. If you can do this your life will begin to reflect that back to you, as per the law of reflection. Eventually you will see how you are creating the difficulties around you and step back to allow peace to prevail. It has and always will only be a matter of choice.

With that said the choice isn’t always clear, it may take lifetimes to realise you are still stuck in a particular pattern or choice, and it will often take a teacher, or guide if you like, in one form or another to help navigate that particular course. This is called breaking the illusion.

If you can imagine you have come into this life with baggage, this is darkness in one form or another, your bag of issues that you have chosen to work on. Life starts to turn up the heat on these issues at different times depending on who you are. YOUR energy attracts the issues you face in life to you and the ONLY way to get past this is to release it.

No matter how much you fight to prove it’s them not me or deny, avoid, ignore, blame and even hate it is never going to get you anywhere expect to further highlight your own issue. There really is only one way out.

After thought:

Having experienced some big hurdles myself I can vouch for the fact that you cannot face this alone, nor should you. I could not have made the leaps and bounds forwards without help from someone farther down the path. I wish you all the best on your journey towards peace.

Much love, Chloe x


Sharing The Light

It feels important at this point for me to share my intention behind my writing and the light I work with in the context of this blog. It has become apparent from the work I’ve done here so far that the teachings I am passing on are being given to me directly from Guidance to uplift and evolve others.

As an Emerald Heart Practitioner it is my absolute intention to share this light with others to uplift and evolve them.

Being in the path of this light allows me to access a resource for people that is a true honour and privilege to work for.

The words that are shared carry with them the light of The Emerald Heart and this light is made available to those who are open to receive it. The light will touch everyone differently but no matter who you are it is there for you.

Trusting and allowing the light to work through me in this way has been a lesson in itself but I see now that beyond my perceptions of the right way to do this work there is the natural unfoldment which happens for all practitioners.

I feel immense joy when I am able to share the light either here on my blog or in person and will continue to write as long as I am encourage to do so.

Thank you for sharing in the light with me here.

Much love, Chloe xx



Expanding Into Consciousness

Divine timing is everything.

Everywhere you look consciousness is expanding and reaching further. It is also accelerating as it does this. Evolution of the whole of humanity is tied to this drive. Following on from my last blog which spoke to the concept of time and the flow of universal consciousnesses we now wish to address the way Universal Consciousness drives evolution forward.

There is no doubt I’m sure to anyone here now that life moves fast, sometimes faster than we might like but we have little choice as we are carried along. There is an ever present movement in Universal Consciousness as it evolves and therefore evolves us. We are all tied into this together and are part of it in a way that is potentially beyond comprehension. However you perceive your part in this flow, know you are a part of it. The role you play is ultimately to grow and evolve the whole as you yourself develop.

As Earth dwelling beings this can be challenging as the ego focuses on the individual. It is however ultimately the soul self/higher self/god self that is creating the movement. Expanding into consciousness is as natural as breathing and as instinctive. In fact the breath allows the continuation of life here and is tied to the growth and development we experience here. If the breath ends so do we. If we are breathing we are growing. Even if you choose not too. Holding your breath is like resisting the flow of your life. It is uncomfortable and eventually you take a breath.

The idea that things exist in a constant state of motion is illustrated by the breath.

You are expanding into consciousness and it is expanding into you.

No matter the path you choose or the intentions you set out with there will always be a connection between yourself and all that is. This dance is always in motion, it always has been and always will  be. You have been part of this for longer than you know.

Reaching beyond fear you will see the freedom in this expansion. The boundaries and barriers only exist when viewed through the lens of fear. Moving beyond this fear you learn the lesson associated with it and are free to expand further into consciousness.

If you are reading this post The Guidance is sending you the light to unlock the awareness of your own growth. The light is encouraging you to become aware of your own state of expansion and what is restricting it. Beyond fear.

Much love x

Taking The Time To Change

Trust the process. Allow Universal Consciousness to guide to you.

There is no set speed limit to the process of change. Everyone and everything moves to its own rhythm. Lao Tzu said “Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.” The Earth is evolving at its own rate and whilst we are here we are bound to the cycles of nature and the course of time. We are in a big way influenced by Mother Earth though many won’t be aware of the degree to which she guides us. In its own way the passage of time reflects our state of growing awareness. As things develop and move forward so do we. This is not only true of the Earth but the Universe as a whole, as we are all one being. We are part of these great forces which push and pull on us. We live and breathe this every day.

Beyond your current reality, beyond your concept of time there is another energy which influences you and this is the stream of life which comes through Universal Consciousness.  In this stream you are moved along according to your own evolution as well as the greater flow of which you are also part. Imagine if you will that you are floating down a stream, this is the stream of your life. You cannot control the movement of the water. The flow is being dictated by Universal Consciousness. How fast you are carried and in what manner is manifested according to your life path.

The challenges you face in this life will show up in the stream from time to time. While we are learning to overcome and thereby grow through these lessons the flow may change. It may increase, or slow down. As change begins to occur we might find ourselves trying to swim against the tide. At these times (although it is important to understand that time is only relative in this reality) we cannot move in any other way than how the flow allows. Therefore, when it comes to the process of change it is important to keep this in mind.

Taking the time to notice these subtleties will bring a greater sense of peace to the process of change.

Blessings x



Receiving Guidance

In our busy lives it’s often hard to find the time to listen to that voice within. Guidance comes to us in many forms, the universe is always trying to find ways to bring people together. We are guided to certain things for a reason, although this reason may not be clear to us for some time. Even in our most dyer moments we are being helped and guided, especially at these times we are being encouraged to seek help and take notice. We are never alone in this life, help is always at hand.

When we do feel like guidance has left the building and we are alone we must try to reflect on what we are feeling and what manner of help we need. Often being cut off is a strong message to take action. Listen to your feelings, be they anger, frustration, sadness, emptiness or any other manifestation of these energies as they all lend clues. They are guiding us. They are the language of Universal Consciousness. In order to allow these energies to clear we need to dissolve them by bringing awareness and light to them.

As an example, it is not uncommon that energy of an emotional kind builds up over many life times and incarnates with us. These sorts of energetic build ups can create many day to day problems such as outbursts of anger or sadness, and often carry quite a bit of weight to them. Once they do start to clear and flow can return relief is often immediate and the universe takes the pressure off you.

The Emerald Heart Light and The Guides will constantly seek to drive your evolution forward. When you work with the guidance they are looking into your life path and working to dissolve out the issues which are restricting your growth. They have a much higher perspective than we do and are able to manoeuvre things so that life can begin to flow again. They will not however solve the problem and let you rest on your laurels. It takes great courage to face our issues and the action we take is rewarded by the assistance we get.

Keep in mind the first 3 Laws of Evolution given by guidance:

  1. The First Law of Evolution – You cannot walk the path alone.
  2. The Second Law of Evolution – You need to learn to reach out for help.
  3. The Third Law of Evolution – Act immediately upon any impulse if the heart, and the universe responds immediately.

Final thought from The Guides;

“Follow your heart, it knows the path and it will illuminate it for you if you allow it to guide you.”



Discovering things about yourself that have been dormant for some time can feel very foreign. These things often emerging at what seems to be the most inappropriate times. Who is this person and what have they done with me? Well in fact this is you and yes its always been there and no you’re not going mad. In fact if you never grew and forever more stayed just as you are then there would be some serious cause for concern. As with anything the discovery of the true self is a process. More than that, it is a journey we go on and along the way we try to nail down exactly what’s going on and what ‘this’ is all about. Unfortunately for us and our brain that is usually leading the ‘I’ll get this all figured out’ expedition, it just doesn’t work like that. You can’t figure it all out because you don’t have the perspective of god, if you did you wouldn’t be here. In it’s simplest form you can view life as you are here to have a human experience. Beyond this your path can reveal itself to you by spending time in the light and asking to be shown, and one step at a time it begins to reveal itself. It isn’t in essence a complicated question, in fact we complicate it by worrying and dramatising it. The universe makes it simple for us, we get in the way and confuse things and then we find ourselves lost. You might find yourself saying, ‘I don’t like my job’ and god says ‘Ok, I’m going to keep bringing this to your attention so you can do something about it’. So your job gets worse, and you might start resenting it. God thinks, ‘Ok your still not quite getting it, I’ll up the ante’. Then you get fired. Then what do you do? What do you do when you get what you’ve asked for? Well you usually feel some kind of fear and it’s what you do at these points in life that really matter. They are the critical stages of development. They are the opportunities you need. So whilst you are voyaging along in life discovering who you are remember to keep your eyes open for signs like this that something is not in flow. As you practice doing this it becomes easier to recognise when something needs to change.

The Guidance speaks: ‘Don’t take it all too seriously, life is a beautiful gift full of opportunities. The Earth continues to provide beautiful places to experience the rich diversity of life here and the universe responds to your every thought and action according to the spiritual laws. If you find yourself being cornered by your own limiting thoughts and beliefs understand these are your lessons. You are not experiencing freedom if you keep a lid on it, you are imprisoning yourself in your own fears and you will die entombed in them if you do not break free.

Break free.

The light can pierce any darkness that might stand in the way of this expansion so use it. Use your gifts that you came here with and do it for everyone, not just yourself. The true spiritual path is one of uplifting others not simply the small self. You do not improve yourself simply for yourself, that is an ego illusion. You matter only as part of the whole, which is you.’

Bless you, till next time x