The force of creation

What is god? What does that word mean to you and what does it bring up in you? Is there resistance, anger, love, resentment, joy? The role of god in our lives is often a complicated and misunderstood position that many have tried to define throughout human history. Many have claimed rights to what the finite definition of this word is, when it is in fact all of these things and yet more. In your heart you will find god. The place that holds the answer to the question, is held in this most sacred of places. The feelings you have speak its language and the expression of it in your life reflects back to you the love and guidance you need at any given moment. No matter the word you use, ultimately we are all being called towards this light in one way or another. It whispers inspiration to the artists, breathes love through the mothers and sends children on magical adventures. The life force of all creation, the universe, universal consciousness, god consciousness, whichever way you choose to associate with it the heart will open and respond just the same. The light of universal consciousness connects you to your deepest truth and that is the truth which is in your heart.


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