Raging battles in ourselves which have potentially gone on for many lives will continue to circulate, potentially growing in intensity with each uprising till we take notice and take action. These are our lessons and our growth opportunities. These are the reason we come here. As we grow, the darker denser energies of the past surface and reach out touching our lives and drawing to us experiences which mirror their vibration. As they surface feelings are activated within us, often anger. We can go into a state of denial or maybe we project our pain at something we feel safe with like a family member or partner. Ultimately this only prolongs our suffering and no growth is achieved. If these energies are allowed to rise up in us and we seek help to dissolve and remove them we are free. Free to move on from this lesson, free to grow and expand, free to come closer to god our true inner selves and live more in alignment with the flow of life. When we resist this flow we stop our growth. If our higher selves or our god within decides that perhaps we need a bit of encouragement then the pressure will increase and we may become overwhelmed by our own darkness. The Guidance speaks; ‘We are all here to evolve into higher light. If we are not doing this we are wasting our time and our time here is the only thing that is limited’. There is a sense of urgency when it comes to evolution and the time to take action is now. Whatever manner of avoidance you are currently turning to remember that the Law of Reflection works like this; whatever you are doing, right now, is being reflected back to you. If you take steps forwards by reaching out for help the universe responds. If you do nothing that is what you will get. Reaching out is another post in itself, but for now I will say this, you cannot walk the path alone and at some stages you life you will need help. learning to discern when this is is about listening to your heart, and you do that by listening to your feelings. So if you’re resisting, as I have done in the past, stop. Stop and look at your issues and start changing. It is entirely possible that you could spend the next 10 years or even the rest of your life running from your own fear. This would be a terrible waste of  your current life and you may very well find yourself looking back and thinking, what have I achieved? How did I do my bit, for myself, for others, for the Earth. Ultimately this is about how well you can surrender to what is rather than resist. I will end this post with this final thought: I asked my Guidance once ‘how do I stay in the flow of my life?’ To which they replied ‘by surrendering to what is.’ So I asked ‘how do I surrender?’ and they simply said ‘by loving everything.’



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