The Emerald Heart Light

The reason I started this blog is because I began working with the Emerald Heart Light as a practitioner. So I wanted to take a moment to share information about how this light works. I am including information from my brochure that I believe sums up what this light is all about, see below;

‘The Emerald Heart Light is like nothing on Earth at this time. It works to illuminate the truth in your heart and drives your evolution forward. It creates movement at a deep level in your consciousness and brings up issues that need to be faced to resolve and heal, so that you can move forward on your own evolutionary path. The light speaks to the god consciousness within all of us and stirs the heart to open and awaken us to our true path and purpose here. The Light of the Emerald Heart and Guides work at whichever level you need and begin to unfold the layers which mask the deeper issues we face during our lives here. If you feel drawn to working with this light, part of you on some level is calling out for assistance and you will know you are ready to take this step.’

When you step into this light your growth is accelerated at whichever pace you are able to handle and this is different for everyone. Without a doubt this light will open your heart and will show you what is restricting your growth. You will then have the choice to act on these changes or continue as you are. However once this light has touched you even if you choose not to work with any of the Vibrational Essences or Programs something will have shifted in you.

There are 9 ranges of essences available to work with at this time and each essence comes with its own channelled reading. All work to unlock different aspects of your spiritual evolution by targeting and dissolving the issues discussed in your consultation.

Much love xxx


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