Discovering things about yourself that have been dormant for some time can feel very foreign. These things often emerging at what seems to be the most inappropriate times. Who is this person and what have they done with me? Well in fact this is you and yes its always been there and no you’re not going mad. In fact if you never grew and forever more stayed just as you are then there would be some serious cause for concern. As with anything the discovery of the true self is a process. More than that, it is a journey we go on and along the way we try to nail down exactly what’s going on and what ‘this’ is all about. Unfortunately for us and our brain that is usually leading the ‘I’ll get this all figured out’ expedition, it just doesn’t work like that. You can’t figure it all out because you don’t have the perspective of god, if you did you wouldn’t be here. In it’s simplest form you can view life as you are here to have a human experience. Beyond this your path can reveal itself to you by spending time in the light and asking to be shown, and one step at a time it begins to reveal itself. It isn’t in essence a complicated question, in fact we complicate it by worrying and dramatising it. The universe makes it simple for us, we get in the way and confuse things and then we find ourselves lost. You might find yourself saying, ‘I don’t like my job’ and god says ‘Ok, I’m going to keep bringing this to your attention so you can do something about it’. So your job gets worse, and you might start resenting it. God thinks, ‘Ok your still not quite getting it, I’ll up the ante’. Then you get fired. Then what do you do? What do you do when you get what you’ve asked for? Well you usually feel some kind of fear and it’s what you do at these points in life that really matter. They are the critical stages of development. They are the opportunities you need. So whilst you are voyaging along in life discovering who you are remember to keep your eyes open for signs like this that something is not in flow. As you practice doing this it becomes easier to recognise when something needs to change.

The Guidance speaks: ‘Don’t take it all too seriously, life is a beautiful gift full of opportunities. The Earth continues to provide beautiful places to experience the rich diversity of life here and the universe responds to your every thought and action according to the spiritual laws. If you find yourself being cornered by your own limiting thoughts and beliefs understand these are your lessons. You are not experiencing freedom if you keep a lid on it, you are imprisoning yourself in your own fears and you will die entombed in them if you do not break free.

Break free.

The light can pierce any darkness that might stand in the way of this expansion so use it. Use your gifts that you came here with and do it for everyone, not just yourself. The true spiritual path is one of uplifting others not simply the small self. You do not improve yourself simply for yourself, that is an ego illusion. You matter only as part of the whole, which is you.’

Bless you, till next time x


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