Receiving Guidance

In our busy lives it’s often hard to find the time to listen to that voice within. Guidance comes to us in many forms, the universe is always trying to find ways to bring people together. We are guided to certain things for a reason, although this reason may not be clear to us for some time. Even in our most dyer moments we are being helped and guided, especially at these times we are being encouraged to seek help and take notice. We are never alone in this life, help is always at hand.

When we do feel like guidance has left the building and we are alone we must try to reflect on what we are feeling and what manner of help we need. Often being cut off is a strong message to take action. Listen to your feelings, be they anger, frustration, sadness, emptiness or any other manifestation of these energies as they all lend clues. They are guiding us. They are the language of Universal Consciousness. In order to allow these energies to clear we need to dissolve them by bringing awareness and light to them.

As an example, it is not uncommon that energy of an emotional kind builds up over many life times and incarnates with us. These sorts of energetic build ups can create many day to day problems such as outbursts of anger or sadness, and often carry quite a bit of weight to them. Once they do start to clear and flow can return relief is often immediate and the universe takes the pressure off you.

The Emerald Heart Light and The Guides will constantly seek to drive your evolution forward. When you work with the guidance they are looking into your life path and working to dissolve out the issues which are restricting your growth. They have a much higher perspective than we do and are able to manoeuvre things so that life can begin to flow again. They will not however solve the problem and let you rest on your laurels. It takes great courage to face our issues and the action we take is rewarded by the assistance we get.

Keep in mind the first 3 Laws of Evolution given by guidance:

  1. The First Law of Evolution – You cannot walk the path alone.
  2. The Second Law of Evolution – You need to learn to reach out for help.
  3. The Third Law of Evolution – Act immediately upon any impulse if the heart, and the universe responds immediately.

Final thought from The Guides;

“Follow your heart, it knows the path and it will illuminate it for you if you allow it to guide you.”