Sharing The Light

It feels important at this point for me to share my intention behind my writing and the light I work with in the context of this blog. It has become apparent from the work I’ve done here so far that the teachings I am passing on are being given to me directly from Guidance to uplift and evolve others.

As an Emerald Heart Practitioner it is my absolute intention to share this light with others to uplift and evolve them.

Being in the path of this light allows me to access a resource for people that is a true honour and privilege to work for.

The words that are shared carry with them the light of The Emerald Heart and this light is made available to those who are open to receive it. The light will touch everyone differently but no matter who you are it is there for you.

Trusting and allowing the light to work through me in this way has been a lesson in itself but I see now that beyond my perceptions of the right way to do this work there is the natural unfoldment which happens for all practitioners.

I feel immense joy when I am able to share the light either here on my blog or in person and will continue to write as long as I am encourage to do so.

Thank you for sharing in the light with me here.

Much love, Chloe xx




Expanding Into Consciousness

Divine timing is everything.

Everywhere you look consciousness is expanding and reaching further. It is also accelerating as it does this. Evolution of the whole of humanity is tied to this drive. Following on from my last blog which spoke to the concept of time and the flow of universal consciousnesses we now wish to address the way Universal Consciousness drives evolution forward.

There is no doubt I’m sure to anyone here now that life moves fast, sometimes faster than we might like but we have little choice as we are carried along. There is an ever present movement in Universal Consciousness as it evolves and therefore evolves us. We are all tied into this together and are part of it in a way that is potentially beyond comprehension. However you perceive your part in this flow, know you are a part of it. The role you play is ultimately to grow and evolve the whole as you yourself develop.

As Earth dwelling beings this can be challenging as the ego focuses on the individual. It is however ultimately the soul self/higher self/god self that is creating the movement. Expanding into consciousness is as natural as breathing and as instinctive. In fact the breath allows the continuation of life here and is tied to the growth and development we experience here. If the breath ends so do we. If we are breathing we are growing. Even if you choose not too. Holding your breath is like resisting the flow of your life. It is uncomfortable and eventually you take a breath.

The idea that things exist in a constant state of motion is illustrated by the breath.

You are expanding into consciousness and it is expanding into you.

No matter the path you choose or the intentions you set out with there will always be a connection between yourself and all that is. This dance is always in motion, it always has been and always will  be. You have been part of this for longer than you know.

Reaching beyond fear you will see the freedom in this expansion. The boundaries and barriers only exist when viewed through the lens of fear. Moving beyond this fear you learn the lesson associated with it and are free to expand further into consciousness.

If you are reading this post The Guidance is sending you the light to unlock the awareness of your own growth. The light is encouraging you to become aware of your own state of expansion and what is restricting it. Beyond fear.

Much love x

Taking The Time To Change

Trust the process. Allow Universal Consciousness to guide to you.

There is no set speed limit to the process of change. Everyone and everything moves to its own rhythm. Lao Tzu said “Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.” The Earth is evolving at its own rate and whilst we are here we are bound to the cycles of nature and the course of time. We are in a big way influenced by Mother Earth though many won’t be aware of the degree to which she guides us. In its own way the passage of time reflects our state of growing awareness. As things develop and move forward so do we. This is not only true of the Earth but the Universe as a whole, as we are all one being. We are part of these great forces which push and pull on us. We live and breathe this every day.

Beyond your current reality, beyond your concept of time there is another energy which influences you and this is the stream of life which comes through Universal Consciousness.  In this stream you are moved along according to your own evolution as well as the greater flow of which you are also part. Imagine if you will that you are floating down a stream, this is the stream of your life. You cannot control the movement of the water. The flow is being dictated by Universal Consciousness. How fast you are carried and in what manner is manifested according to your life path.

The challenges you face in this life will show up in the stream from time to time. While we are learning to overcome and thereby grow through these lessons the flow may change. It may increase, or slow down. As change begins to occur we might find ourselves trying to swim against the tide. At these times (although it is important to understand that time is only relative in this reality) we cannot move in any other way than how the flow allows. Therefore, when it comes to the process of change it is important to keep this in mind.

Taking the time to notice these subtleties will bring a greater sense of peace to the process of change.

Blessings x