Sharing The Light

It feels important at this point for me to share my intention behind my writing and the light I work with in the context of this blog. It has become apparent from the work I’ve done here so far that the teachings I am passing on are being given to me directly from Guidance to uplift and evolve others.

As an Emerald Heart Practitioner it is my absolute intention to share this light with others to uplift and evolve them.

Being in the path of this light allows me to access a resource for people that is a true honour and privilege to work for.

The words that are shared carry with them the light of The Emerald Heart and this light is made available to those who are open to receive it. The light will touch everyone differently but no matter who you are it is there for you.

Trusting and allowing the light to work through me in this way has been a lesson in itself but I see now that beyond my perceptions of the right way to do this work there is the natural unfoldment which happens for all practitioners.

I feel immense joy when I am able to share the light either here on my blog or in person and will continue to write as long as I am encourage to do so.

Thank you for sharing in the light with me here.

Much love, Chloe xx




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