Finding Peace


It always seemed to me like inner peace was this far off concept that was made available to someone like monks or some highly evolved enlightened beings. I’m coming to realise that this is not so, nor is it that far from you at any given moment. The last few weeks for me have brought up many relationship issues. I can see how this is a big challenge for everyone in fact. I am realising it is ultimately the relationship with yourself that is constantly being addressed, but for more on this and finding peace I’ll hand this over to Guidance who wish to convey light on this subject.


For those who are reading this message the light we are offering will allow you to explore the notion of inner peace. There is only a limited time frame in this life to experience the lessons which are tied to a peaceful existence. There is no doubt that many lifetimes can be spent wandering the fields of dismay searching for the feeling of being at peace. Without guidance it is almost impossible to find a way out on your own. The path to peace is as simple or difficult as you wish to make it, and be assured that no shortage of lessons will emerge to challenge you.

Finding peace in your life means finding it in yourself. If you can do this your life will begin to reflect that back to you, as per the law of reflection. Eventually you will see how you are creating the difficulties around you and step back to allow peace to prevail. It has and always will only be a matter of choice.

With that said the choice isn’t always clear, it may take lifetimes to realise you are still stuck in a particular pattern or choice, and it will often take a teacher, or guide if you like, in one form or another to help navigate that particular course. This is called breaking the illusion.

If you can imagine you have come into this life with baggage, this is darkness in one form or another, your bag of issues that you have chosen to work on. Life starts to turn up the heat on these issues at different times depending on who you are. YOUR energy attracts the issues you face in life to you and the ONLY way to get past this is to release it.

No matter how much you fight to prove it’s them not me or deny, avoid, ignore, blame and even hate it is never going to get you anywhere expect to further highlight your own issue. There really is only one way out.

After thought:

Having experienced some big hurdles myself I can vouch for the fact that you cannot face this alone, nor should you. I could not have made the leaps and bounds forwards without help from someone farther down the path. I wish you all the best on your journey towards peace.

Much love, Chloe x



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