Becoming Mother

Women, the time is now to reclaim your place in the world as the gifted healers, teachers and mothers you are. Do no be afraid of what you can become. There is a light emerging in all of us, it is time to honour that.

The divine feminine emerges in all of us at different stages of life, one of the most significant being motherhood.

When women transition into motherhood there is a huge energetic shift that takes place within her. The profound unfoldment of this new stage of life. This process prepares women for the role of mother within themselves, their family and their community. Women play a key and vital role in supporting the dynamic of relationships and bringing through the wisdom of the divine feminine.

The wisdom of this path lies not in the avoidance of our fears but in the embracing of the changes that are rising within us.

There is significant reason to be concerned about the unfolding of this process in the modern world as this knowledge and path has all but been forgotten, it is not however gone. The reality is that mothers in the modern world are no longer able to access this knowledge and are left more or less stumbling along trying to find there way.

Speaking from my own experience I can vouch for this first hand as my transition into motherhood held many challenges and took me into some deep fears which were emerging at that time. Now 5 years on and 2 children later I can see more clearly what is happening from an evolutionary and energetic perspective to women who are becoming mothers.

From the very first thought of wanting to try to conceive, right through the pregnancy, the birth itself and then the integration period which follows, all require a certain awareness and sensitivity to understand what is happening within the woman. It is deep and profound.

If you are having difficulties navigating this process of becoming a mother I can help you. I have been gifted with some very difficult experiences so I can help to navigate the journey for those ready to take this step.

The following are some areas which commonly afflict women becoming mothers:

  • Birth trauma
  • Past life wounding
  • Life fears
  • Grounding issues
  • Unstable energy systems
  • Grief
  • Forgiveness and
  • Lack of connection, to name but a few.

These are very general but highly important aspects of the process as a whole.

I don’t see many days on the Earth pass without hearing from a  mother afflicted by the pain and trauma of her own experience of motherhood. The challenges we face as women stepping into this role at this time are many and the time is now to reclaim this  birth right.

If you know someone who is struggling within their new role of mother or if you yourself feel draw to this work please contact me for any further information you may require around the process. I can be contacted directly at

This healing process involves not only the women on this planet but all life, as well as the planet herself.

I look forward to connecting with women from all around the world as we come together to empower and support each other in the emergence of this new stage in our collective history.

Together we can create a wave of change that can help women find the support they need as they step into the next chapter of their lives.

With much love and blessings xx



When the Earth shifts it is always followed by a period of rest. A state of replenishment begins where wounds may heal and balance can be restored.

Between the periods of change we must find time to rest and integrate the work we have done. Allowing space for something new to emerge. The time this takes will vary greatly. Moving into a period of rest can be uncomfortable for the mind who prefers to constantly wander. Giving yourself the time required to adapt to the change is just as important as the process of change itself.

When space has been created within you, then light begins to emerge and fill this new void. This is a gentle process which requires understanding and patience. Each moment follows this rhythm as you breath in and out. Expanding and contracting, letting go and taking in. A constant shift between the balance of the two.

In this life we are reminded of this in the natural world. Our own bodies instinctively take part in this process of creation.

If you are being encourage to slow down and allow a period of recovery to begin remember this is when the ground work is being laid for you to take the next step. To stabilise and support you as you move forward.

Remember, life works on a system of balance. In order to maintain this you must listen to both the call to action and the holding embrace of restoration.

Blessings x