When the Earth shifts it is always followed by a period of rest. A state of replenishment begins where wounds may heal and balance can be restored.

Between the periods of change we must find time to rest and integrate the work we have done. Allowing space for something new to emerge. The time this takes will vary greatly. Moving into a period of rest can be uncomfortable for the mind who prefers to constantly wander. Giving yourself the time required to adapt to the change is just as important as the process of change itself.

When space has been created within you, then light begins to emerge and fill this new void. This is a gentle process which requires understanding and patience. Each moment follows this rhythm as you breath in and out. Expanding and contracting, letting go and taking in. A constant shift between the balance of the two.

In this life we are reminded of this in the natural world. Our own bodies instinctively take part in this process of creation.

If you are being encourage to slow down and allow a period of recovery to begin remember this is when the ground work is being laid for you to take the next step. To stabilise and support you as you move forward.

Remember, life works on a system of balance. In order to maintain this you must listen to both the call to action and the holding embrace of restoration.

Blessings x


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