A time of hope

There once was 3 wise men who were seeking a light and a promise of hope and healing. They brought gifts and shared what wealth they had to honour and revel in the light of the child who had come to Earth.

Wise people still seek this light and in fact the light is still here. There are many reason through the year to honour this light all around you as well as in your own heart but to remind you of this we share this message on Christmas day to carry with you into the new year.

Honour the light in yourself,

Believe you are worthy of love,

Be kind to the Earth,

Fearlessly use your gifts to inspire and uplift others,

Be open to receive the wisdom of your heart,

Go beyond fear and flow into a state of peace,

Find freedom within your heart.

There is no better time than now to create a movement of change which comes from a place of love. The wisdom behind this is already closer than you realise and you only need reach out towards this truth and it will be available to you.

Much love and blessings xx








Entering a new phase

As the year begins to draw to a close we are reminded of the time we have spent with loved ones and the memories we have shared. Perhaps we have lost someone or moved away from certain people, relocated to different parts of the world or found reason to make certain changes in our own lives.

These shifts are happening to allow us to expand and grow into a new level of awareness. some are subtle and some more profound, but one thing is for sure and that is that we are all constantly experiencing them.

The light is constantly seeking to help you emerge into these higher states whilst shedding the baggage we carry through many lifetimes. The healing is not always evident at first, or ever, however it is always done with the intention to improve your current situation.

The ending of a year is a time to reflect on these events. Remaining unconscious to the healing within them only allows the energy to be carried over into the new year where it begins to manifest again.

The doorway is now open more than ever to embrace the opportunity to release and resolve any conflicts you are experiencing. They will without doubt be visible to you now and you are being encouraged to embrace them within your awareness and therefore begin to move through them into a lighter place.

This does not mean you are able to skip the responsibility or overlook what has happened, rather you are embracing the entire experience as a whole and beginning to look at it in a new and informed way which will enable you to begin to resolve it.

I do encourage you to review the major events of the past year and bring them into the light of your awareness so that healing may begin, begin careful not to exclude those that seem too difficult as it is often the fear which prevents connecting to these experiences rather than the experience itself.

The Emerald Heart Light is available for the following 3 days without exchange https://emeraldheartlight.com/ as well as the Divine Plan Light  https://www.facebook.com/events/136609313691380/ and I couldn’t think of a better time to take advantage of this.

There is still time available for consultations before the end of the year for those who wish to begin the new year from a fresh perspective. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or feedback from my posts at chloe.andelkovic@hotmail.com.

Much love and blessings at this time, Chloe x