Life – Part 1 – What are you doing with your energy?

If we could see just how much our thoughts, words and actions weighed us down every day and how they accumulated over time we would have an insight into our creation process and the way it underpins how we experience our reality.

All day every day we are bombarded by the experience of life and in an attempt to understand and navigate this we create, constantly. Every response we have is creation in action. We are creating and we are changing. But we don’t just change ourselves, we change everything.

Ever noticed how you can be thinking of someone and the next moment they might contact you. This is a simple but clear way of demonstrating how we affect and are effected by life.

But what is life? What are we going about creating and why would we want to? On a small scale life is the collective experience of everything. Yet it is so much more. It is at times an unfathomable acceptance of what is and through that immeasurable opportunities to grow into ever greater light.

Life is the experience we have in each moment. As we live we respond to life and it responds to us.

Our experience of life is comprised of every possible imaginable and unimaginable occurrence.

While we are busy creating everyday life continues to unfold. Like a flower opening in the sunlight we dare to enter into this dance and be moved by the tides of experience.

We dare because we have courage in our hearts. Because we have love.

Much love x


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