The Anchor of Love

It was a dark and stormy night. The waves crashed against the shore as the boat was manoeuvred into the sea.

The wind began to pick up pace and as the boat moved out of the harbour it thrashed wildly about almost tossing it’s occupant over board.

The persons on shore said ‘Why do they set sail in such stormy sea’s when the harbour is safe?’

The answer came back from the wilderness beyond the dark night “because they have an anchor of love.”

There is no greater place to anchor yourself than in love. When the winds of change blow and you find yourself ship wrecked or drowning in the stormy seas of your life you can hold onto love.

This isn’t commercial love you can buy with a bunch of flowers, it’s love that lives in your heart and at the heart of everything. It is the unconditional love that trumps all else. The love which will hold you in everything you face. The love that will be there when you have nothing left to hold onto.

When everything else falls love stands strong and shows you the way forward. Not the way back to fix it, the way forward.

You must listen to love. You must look for it. You must find it in yourself in order to progress.

Love will lift you up and carry you. It will be without a doubt all you have left when there is nothing else.

That’s because love is everything. It is the beginning and it is the end. It is the first footsteps of a child, the last breathe we take, the forests and oceans. It is the blood in your veins and the breathe in your lungs.

If you can find love in this way you are always home safe. That doesn’t mean you don’t experience pain, it means you look for love to pull you through and it will.

Pain is part of progress and it is part of love. Because love is everything. Love opens our hearts to pain and fills us up with it’s light. it occupies more space as a result of the pain we feel.

We can’t always feel love in this way, especially when we first start looking. Part of learning to love is finding the courage to begin the journey and that is seldom done in isolation.

Often reaching out for help can be one of the first acts of love we take.

Be brave. Have the courage to believe you are worthy and let love light the way.

Love and light, Chloe x


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