The Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga recently released a song called Perfect Illusion. I really like that title and it has inspired some writing about the idea of perfect.

When we go through our lives trying to be perfect we fail. We strive for the perfect house, perfect car, perfect appearance, perfect partner, perfect family etc.

We say to ourselves, ‘Yes this is it!’ or “When I get there things will be perfect”. People even say they have found the perfect person without realising their perfect is probably a perfect illusion rather than a perfect acceptance of that person as they are.

So let’s go back for a moment. We have got the perfect whatever and then when something goes ‘wrong’ we despair. How could this happen to my perfect thing? Why can’t I get it right?

Well I’m here to tell you what happens to perfect illusions. Because perfect is not something you work at but in fact something that you already.

Everyday we are in a state of change. Every time we breathe we are changing. The trouble with searching for perfection is that we are in essence already there in our state of change. We are already perfect. Everything is already perfect.

Perfect cannot be in any other place than right now.

The perfect we strive for is a perfect illusion.

You cannot and will never attain perfection by reaching a point of ‘I made it’ because it will very soon change. The most frustrating part of this is the trying to grasp perfection and hold onto it like a badge of honour. Inevitably it will evolve into something else in perhaps what will seem like a very imperfect way.

When you try to hold onto perfect you try to control it. You have no control, you only have choice. You can resist change, you can over control OCD style, you can develop anxiety or depression, or any other range of responses.

Life will happen, things will change. Nothing is perfect because it stays as it is, it is in fact perfect in every moment that we live.

We are perfect in every moment we live.

Being perfect right now doesn’t mean easy. It means acceptance of what is as being perfect for you. For a number of reasons this might not seem like the truth but it is. Everything happening to you and around you right now is directly in line with what you need.

I hope this is a helpful reminder next time you are beating yourself up about something you felt was wrong. If you feel angry or sad it’s not because of perfection it’s perspective. Ask yourself what is speaking in response to the event and turn that way instead.

Love and light, Chloe x


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