My earliest memories of childhood include experiences of a spiritual nature. Often these were disturbing and felt at times inescapable. Without a doubt this time of my life until my early 20’s was challenging and a lot of the time I knew I was heading for some sort of spiritual work without having really any idea of what that was.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I began to experience a significant awakening which forced me to start putting in some serious effort towards my own growth. At this stage I was working through some very challenging life lessons and really had to start facing up to and taking responsibility for my spiritual development. Then in 2015 whilst studying Holistic counselling I came across David’s work with the Emerald Heart and things started to fall into place. Once I began working with David I could see that the Emerald Heart was a light that created real change. It was like nothing I had come across before and although at this stage I didn’t know I would be drawn to work with the light as a practitioner myself, I knew there was something unique about it.